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sojournertales replied to your post:MCU Captain America is totally a virgin right?  …

I think Peggy is the woman he would have eventually asked to marrying him if things had been different, and he is still caring for her as she fades. For him, it hasn’t been that long, and he’s not interested in anyone else.

Oh yeah, Steve and Peggy are obviously the big romance and meant for each other, which just makes the whole thing more tragic. I think, sex aside, the running joke in Cap 2 of Black Widow trying to set him up with dates, and the awkward washing machine conversation in the hallway, and the scene with Peggy (and the fact Peggy got married after Steve was frozen) all set up that part of Cap’s adjusting to modern life is coming to grips with the fact he’s never going to be with his first true love. I was just amused when I realized he’s probably still a virgin. 

How old is Cap - on his end? (I just rewatched Winter Soldier last night, so this is all fresh in my mind.) Cap 2 says he was born in 1918, and frozen in 1945. So he was 27 when he “died”, and if we assume he came back shortly before Avengers, that means he defrosted in 2012 or late 2011. So he’d be, to his experience, around 29 during Cap 2, and around 30 in next year’s Avengers 2. 

Also, Winter Soldier is still really good rewatching it. 

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MCU Captain America is totally a virgin right? 

In Cap 1 the car ride conversation with Peggy gives the definite vibe that pre-serum Steve has never gotten any. I’ll have to watch it again to be sure, it’s been a while since I’ve seen the first one. By the end of the movie Peggy gives him a kiss (and Natalie Dormer tries to get with him) but he never actually asks Peggy out until right before he gets frozen.

In Avengers he just woke up, and is spending most of his time punching things. 

In Cap 2 Natasha asks him if that was his first kiss since 1945. He denies it, but considering his dating skills (and the scene with Peggy), I think it’s pretty safe to infer that Cap hasn’t been out getting any.

So yeah, hunkiest virgin ever.

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Legend of Korra: "Book 4 Official Trailer"


Here is the Book 4 trailer Bryan and I personally oversaw. This being the final season, we wanted to create one last awesome trailer. But we couldn’t have done it without Jeremy Zuckerman’s score, Chris Hink’s editing, Matt Gadbois’ motion graphics, and Matt Cawood and Joe Alessandra's CG work. 

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