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For the curious, I am still working on that Kickstarter how-to mini I promised to make. Pictured above are pages 19 and 20. It’s turning out to be a pretty long comic, but I want to be thorough.

I strongly believe that people should make videos for their Kickstarters; not bothering to do so is just leaving money on the table. But at the same time, a crummy video doesn’t do you any favors. I especially don’t like videos taking pains to emphasize that “This is my dream!”

Well… yeah. Of course it’s your dream. That much is obvious, you’re running a Kickstarter. Use your two minutes to tell me why I should care about your dream, not that you have one!

Anyway, I hope to finish this up next week. It’ll be on sale in the Iron Circus Comics shop as a PDF. (EDIT: Just caught the grammatical error on page 20, don’t worry.)

PS: Don’t forget to back Smut Peddler on Kickstarter!

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Better To Burn, a drag tribute to Kurt and Courtney Set List

Tonight I DJed an all Nirvana/Hole drag show. Here are the rocking 90s jams I played before and after the show:

DJ Set List:

Pre Show:
"Silverfuck" Smashing Pumpkins
"Mogwai Fear Satan" Mogwai
"Chloe Dancer / Crown Of Thorns" Mother Love Bone
"Phantom Of The American Mother" Catherine Wheel
"The Trains Are So Loud" Kill Hannah
"Hidden Track" Placebo
"Junior Citizen" Poster Children
"Goin’ Through Your Purse" Material Issue
"Kids in America" The Muffs
"Mrs Robinson" Lemonheads
"Let’s Do It (Let’s Fall in Love)" Joan Jett/Paul Westerburg
"Spiderman" The Ramones
"Plowed" Sponge
"Need You Around" Smoking Popes
"Audrey’s Eyes" Velocity Girl
"That’s When I Reach for My Revolver" Mission of Burma
"She’s Lost Control" Girls Against Boys
"Overblown" Mudhoney
"Birth Ritual" Soundgarden
"High-Fiving MF" Local H
"Bull in the Heather" Sonic Youth
"Canonball" The Breeders
"Every You Every Me" Placebo
"Kill Your Television" Ned’s Atomic Dustbin
"Surfin’ USA" The Jesus and Mary Chain
"Ted, Just Admit It…" Jane’s Addiction

Post Show:
"Nirvana" Wesley Willis
"1979" Smashing Pumpkins
"Song 2" Blur
"Rocks" Primal Scream
"A Girl Like You" Edwyn Collins
"Sexx Crimes" Beck
"Fuck and Run" Liz Phair
"Shove" L7
"Somebody to Shove" Soul Asylum
"Nearly Lost You" Screaming Trees
"X-French Tee Shirt" Shudder To Think
"Not If You Were the Last Junkie on Earth" The Dandy Warhols
"Hobo Humpin’ Slobo Babe" Whale
"El Scorcho" Weezer
"Possum Kingdom" The Toadies
"Santa Monica" Everclear
"Piggy" Nine Inch Nails
"Rock Star" Hole
"Aneurysm" Nirvana
"Where Is My Mind?" The Pixies
"Jesus Doesn’t Want Me for a Sunbeam" Nirvana

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Ugh. Look at that asshole. He’d put it in your butt without telling you
my friend (who knows nothing about Game of Thrones) on seeing Joffrey’s introduction in episode 1.